Bryan Dawe interviews Sir Murray Rivers QC as he and the chaps celebrate the Miracle.

Part two. Election special. Questions without notice.  Bryan Dawe interviews Sir Murray Rivers QC on how he saw Scott Morrison's recent Liberal Party campaign launch.

Bryan Dawe interviews his character Sir Murray Rivers QC on how His Honour sees the election outcome.

Sir Murray outlines the Government's priorities when they are re-elected.

Sir Murray's view on the One Nation Party behaviour and his outrage at the Victorian Royal Commission into the Wallopers.

Sir Murray Rivers 'Right of Reply' from the Melbourne Club. His Honour discusses the Turnbull treachery, lessons of history and corporate responsibility.

Sir Murray has to deal with attempted revolution at the Centre for Monarch Retention Committee AGM.

Sir Murray Rivers QC from the Melbourne Club on the party's problems with women.

Whatever it takes

Sir Murray Rivers QC from the Melbourne Club, discusses the discipline crisis within the Liberal Party. A radical solution is proposed by Retired Admiral Sir Reginald Covington.

Sir Murray Rivers QC from the Melbourne Cub responds to the Morrison Government's election policy on the environment. 

Sir Murray Rivers QC with Episode 2 of Right of Reply , His Honour rejects media accusations that his company Gunsmoke Pty Ltd was awarded a 400 million dollar contract to build a Refugee Retirement facility on Manus Island.

The Honourable Sir Murray Rivers QC (Retired) - one of Australia’s most influential and controversial, legal and political figures – delivers the first of his weekly podcast ‘Right of Reply’ recorded over lunch at the Melbourne Club. Sir Murray is a former distinguished, Victorian Supreme Court Judge. He is unique in legal circles as he is the only Judge in Australia to have had all his cases overturned on appeal.